Mentalese is a hypothetical language of thoughts. It is supposed that before babies learn their mother tongue, they operate in a different language. Cognitive scientists call it Mentalese. It has its own syntax, semantics and complex thoughts are built up by combining simpler ones. Supposedly, we talk Mentalese both when dreaming and being awake, even while talking in our real language.

I used the hypothesis and terminology of Mentalese to create a visual narration of a mental journey experienced under sexual stimulus. They make our brain travel away from reality, from the tangible and existing. It’s a whirling spiral of imagination where anything can happen and anything can be seen.

On a physical level, sex is mostly a mutual act of two people. But mentally, there are moments when you are somewhere else. What is going on behind closed eyelids then? Places you have never seen, bodies you have never touched, sensations you have never been exposed to. Suddenly you are watching a fast-cut movie in the cinema of your own psyché. It’s a deadly cocktail of subconsciousness, mixed with fantasy and everything your shrink should know about.